UV coatings are acrylic varnish cured instantly by ultraviolet lamps.

The primary application of this finish involves
a series of precisely controlled rollers with the applicator roller directly touching the printed surface. Providing you with a very smooth, high gloss finish.

In the case of spot "registered" UV
coating a polymer plate is used to apply the varnish registered to the printed matter.

The spot UV varnish can be functional "glue areas or dealer stamps" or decorative "precise register to highlight a printed area'.
Note: Today's UV coating stocks can be repulped and therefore can be recycled. UV coatings are V.O.C. free and are considered to be the best available technology for a surface finish.

Topspot 102

(High Gloss)
This is the most commonly requested UV finish. It is a general purpose high gloss coating formulated for slip. UV-B offer benefits of a tactile effect as well as additional slip for subsequent machine ability. This finish should be considered for covers of magazines, brochures, annual reports, greeting cards and catalogues, but not where further processing, such as gluing, foil stamping, and imprinting is required.


(High Gloss)
This is a highly wettable, high gloss UV coating. It is formulated to flow out and adhere to difficult border line inks. This higher cost UV coating is usually used when the regular formula UV coatings will not adhere.

Offers the same handling resistance and protective qualities of UV-B but with highly readable non glare finish.


A specially formulated high gloss coating that can be specified where further processing, such as gluing, foil stamping or secondary printing is required. This coating will maintain consistent wettability and will register a consistent dyne level on the cured film surface as an aid to further processing. Consult your Belmont professional for recommended adhesives and foils used in conjunction with this finish.

Selecting Paper or Stock Substrates best suited for UV coating range in caliper from 60 LB paper to 24 pt. board stock. It is very important that the stock have a sizing or clay coated surface for the UV coating to set up on. Substrates without these surfaces tend to absorb the UV coating and prevent the coating from converting completely. UV coatings that are not fully converted (cured) are not commercially acceptable.

Please note that film must be provided

Full Surface UV Coating
1 Steinemann
Calibri -S 102

1 side: 100# - 24 pt
2 sides: 100# - 24 pt

Max Sheet Size

40" x 58"

Min Sheet Size

10" x 13"


Spot UV Coating
1 Steinemann Topspot 102

1 side: 60# - 24 pt

Max Sheet Size

28" x 40"

Min Sheet Size

11" x 15"

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