Foil stamping adds a striking finish to any printed sheet. A full range of coloured foils are available in high gloss metallic, matte metallic, gloss and matte pigments, pearltones and tints. In addition, specialty foils include multicolour products, diffraction foils and preprinted two and three dimensional holograms. Belmont Press has
a 28" x 40" Bobst
press that stamps registered holograms.

Stamping foil can be applied to sit flat on the sheet, stamped and embossed in one pass, or stamped flat and embossed in a second pass. Sculptured multilevel stampings are accomplished by using a hand finished brass die.

When planning a project that is to be foil stamped, the printer should consult the ink and coating manufacturer to ensure that a stampable surface is produced. Additives in ink and coatings such as waxes, silicones dispersing agents and emulsifiers have a direct impact on lowering surface tension and
can interfere with the stampability of the product

It does not matter how a particular ink or coating was cured or dried, or whether it is water or solvent based.


What matters is the chemical make-up of the outermost layer of that surface. An industry standard for good foil adhesion is a surface tension of 38 dynes
and above.

Small concentrations of some of these additives are necessary to provide slip, scuff and mar resistance but used in excess can render a sheet unstampable.

When printing a solid areas that requires foil stamping on top, it is not necessary to drop the area to be stamped out of the printing. Since stamping dies expand when heated, these dropouts make registration very difficult.

The use of offset spray should be kept to a minimum on sheets
to be foil stamped. In areas of heavy spray the foil adheres to the spray rather than the sheet resulting in a spotty image.

When a printing job involves foil stamping, as well as UV coating or film lamination, the sheets should be stamped before the finish is applied. This method traps the stamping under the finish and protects it from scuffing and scratching.

By putting heat stamping, coating and laminating machines under one roof in our new plant, Belmont Press is able to run
each process in the correct sequence. We are also able to test the coating or laminating over the foil before production is run, to ensure acceptable adhesion and appearance. Multiple operations run in one plant, also speeds production times
and produces competitive pricing.



Max Sheet Size
Min Sheet Size

3 Bobst 102 B M A

28" x 40"
14 x 16"

1 Bobst 126 B M A

36" x 50"
14" x 19"

1 Heidelberg Cylinder

22" x 30"
8.5" x 11"

5 Kluge Platen

14" x 22"
4" x 5"

Preferred gripper bite is 7/8" with 1/2" the minimum.

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