We offer the largest line of film laminations in Canada. We provide both thermal and Polyurethane adhesive systems.

These are solvent
free, 100% solid adhesives, allowing
us to be friendlier
to the environment.

A clear high gloss
film with copolymer adhesive. Designed
to void the effect of moisture absorbed
by paper, causing curl. Usage includes magazine and book covers or other areas where product flatness is critical.
Also available in matte.

Most commonly used in packaging applications requiring gluing and foil stamping. Available in gloss & matte finishes. The gloss acetate film has the highest gloss level currently available in a laminating film. Also available in matte.
Note: Acetate is a cellulose film. It can be repulped and therefore is recyclable.

Matte O.P.P.
The same protective qualities as the gloss O.P.P. film but with
a non glare surface.
This feature gives the laminated surface optimum readability
and a differentiating
look and feel.

Note: O.P.P. films can be made available for hot stamping and gluing. Please let us know in advance if your project requires these properties.


Lotus 102

(Oriented Polypropylene)
This is our most requested film lamination. It features high gloss, good tear and handling resistance. This film is less prone to finger printing than some other high gloss finishes.
It is also the most cost effective film laminating choice.

O.P.P. film is most commonly used to protect and enhance brochures, catalogues, greeting cards, book dust jackets, magazines and point of purchase displays.

(Oriented Polyester) (Mylar)
All of the properties
of O.P.P. with added resistance to tearing, heat, and chemicals.
This film is very durable. Available in both gloss and matte finishes.

Stock: (1side) 60# - 24 pt (2 sides) 80# - 24pt


Max Sheet Size

Min Sheet Size

1 Steinemann Lotus 102

40" x 56"
10" x 13"

1 Billhoffer FK102

40" x 56"
10" x 13"

1 Billhoffer FK76

30" x 40"
10" x 13"
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